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TAMU SA Science & Technology Bldg.


San Antonio, TX


140,000 SF

Design Architect


Fall 2018 marked the opening of a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) building on the San Antonio campus of Texas A&M University. The $63 million expansion added needed space to accommodate the campus’ rapid growth. The facility also houses the university’s Center for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement.


Twenty-five classrooms range in size to serve between 20 and 90 students. Twelve high-tech research labs accommodate studies in complex systems and disciplines, including biomechanics, muscle physiology and biochemistry.


“Buildings like this last decades and the faculty and students using the building will not only disseminate knowledge there, they will create it in the research labs,” Lutnesky said. “It gives me pause when I think of all the discoveries that will be made in this structure. Both new knowledge and brilliant minds will be discovered in this building for decades to come.”

 Marvin Lutnesky, Department of Science and Mathematics Chair

Thorough design documents coupled with a well-run bidding phase lead to a $6M budget surplus which allowed for a 22,000 SF expansion to the project.

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