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UTSA N Paseo Building


San Antonio, TX


175,000 SF

Design Architect


The North Paseo Building (NPB) is a five-level building on the main campus of The University of Texas at San Antonio (USTA). The 175,000 sq. ft. academic building is dedicated primarily to student classrooms (accommodating 60-100 students) and to research labs. It also houses administrative offices and consolidates various cybersecurity departments, institutes and centers.

The NPB provides wide corridors and seating areas to serve students as they mingle among the first-floor classrooms. A skylight sheds natural light from the fifth floor to ground level. A portal which passes through the ground floor in the north end of the building completes a pathway to connect San Saba Hall on the campus’ west side with the UTSA Oval on the east.


Outside, a glass wall creates a visual connection, bringing the outdoors in, and shaded outdoor seating provides an informal gathering space.

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